Pentagon UFO Video – Why now?

3 videos have been confirmed by the Pentagon. This does not confirm alien life, but does confirm hyper advanced tech, alien or not.

One video is – to me – more interesting than the others. Here’s why.

1) The altitude and angle that is looking down at the fast-moving craft. At the time of this recording, the fastest plane should take 40 seconds to go from the center of the screen to the edge of it. It does so in a second. So it is something really, really fast.

2) Is that all pilots know looking at a jet flying would show the afterburner effects that typically show in that visor. Nothing is seen.

The golden question for me is – why confirm these videos now? In the midst of a pandemic, you tell the world UFO’s are real? Are they distracting from real stories? Is the USA silently warning the world they possess advanced tech? Or are they preconditioning us for an inevitable visitation from a new friend (or foe)?